Membership in NYSAND

Become a member of NYSAND to access content across our site, including learning opportunities, webinars and more!

Membership in NYSAND is contingent upon membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. On your membership application, please list New York as your state affiliate and you will automatically become a NYSAND member. You do not have to be a New York State resident to elect New York as your state affiliate.

Membership costs vary based on your membership type and may change from year-to-year. Here are the descriptions of the membership types to help you decipher which to apply for:

  • ACTIVE – This is the Academy’s largest membership category. Active members can enjoy all the benefits the Academy has to offer, including career, professional and continuing education resources. The Academy’s main, professional membership category encompasses:
    • RDNs;
    • NDTRs;
    • Individuals who have completed accredited dietetics education programs, and 
    • Individuals with advanced degrees in an approved area of concentration
  • STUDENT – The Academy’s membership category for pre-professionals enrolled in (or stating their intent to enroll in) an approved dietetics education program. Student category members enjoy reduced dues while gaining access to the vast majority of benefits Active members enjoy, including career resources and scholarships.
  • INTERNATIONAL – Individuals who have completed, or are completing, formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics received outside the United States may also qualify for membership with the Academy. The Academy’s International category extends membership worldwide, providing networking for food and nutrition professionals and students in any area of practice, wherever they live.
  • RETIRED – Individuals who have retired from dietetics practice and are at least 62 years of age qualify for reduced dues so they may maintain their Academy membership to remain connected to their profession and colleagues. Retired category members enjoy all the privileges and benefits of the Active membership category while also qualifying for discounts on a variety of Academy products and services.
  • ASSOCIATE – Practitioners in a wide variety of fields related to health care, food, culinary, school nutrition, sports and fitness may now join the Academy as an Associate. Associates have access to extensive benefits, including the Evidence Analysis Library, professional publications, networking opportunities and preferred pricing on resources and conferences.

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With your membership, you will have access to a wide variety of resources, not only from the Academy, but from the New York State Academy as well. Some of these include:

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