Current NYSAND Legislative Efforts


Currently in NYS Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can obtain title certification as a Certified Dietitian Nutritionist.

NYSAND has been advocating for licensure in New York State for a long time. Last legislative session, we received comments from our bill sponsor and suggestions to improve it’s likelihood of passing. This year, we are working alongside AND to address these comments and rewrite the bill in a new and innovative way.

During the 2023 NYS Legislative Session, we plan to introduce bills in both the Assembly and Senate proposing Licensure of nutrition and dietetics professionals. You can view the bills from last year’s session here:

Assembly Bill A6353 (Sponsored by Assemblyman Thiele)
Senate Bill S.1084  (Sponsored by Senator James Gaughran)

To find our more regarding the difference between Licensure and Certification, see our FAQ here.

NYSAND highly encourages you to apply for your CDN NOW, as you will be grandfathered in if a licensure bill were to pass in the future. All licensure bills are an AMENDMENT to the current certification law.

RDNs as Medicaid Providers

NYSAND has been working alongside NY Department of Health to make Registered Dietitians an eligible provider type under New York State Medicaid.

In 2023, the state budget passed with inclusion of funding for medical nutrition therapy by RDNs on state medicaid. This will initially start with access to MNT for the pre and postpartum population (designated area of improvement of healthcare in NYS), and will eventually expand to ALL populations as needed (expected by end of year).

Currently, we are working with DOH to negotiate payment rates for MNT services and to get the system up and running`.

NYSAND encourages ALL members to apply for NPI # and CDN if they wish to partake in this new allotment.


NYSAND’s Public Policy team routinely monitors active legislation that pertains to nutrition and dietetics professionals. Below are a few of the bills from the 2023 Legislative Session that NYSAND is monitoring.
Note: The presence of the bills below does not constitute an endorsement by NYSAND.

Bill No. 
A5985ARosenthal L — Relates to physician coursework or training in nutrition
Currently on Assembly Committee Agenda
Higher Education (FAHY) 
11:30 AM, Tuesday, May 23, 2023 
Room 715 LOB 
Same as S 4401-A WEBB 
SUMM : Add §264, Pub Health L Requires the department of health to develop, maintain, and distribute to practicing and licensed physicians in the state a resource library related to continuing medical education and training opportunities regarding nutrition.
03/28/23 referred to higher education
05/19/23 amend and recommit to higher education
05/19/23 print number 5985a
Same-As S 4401 Last Act: 05/22/23 AMEND AND RECOMMIT TO FINANCE 
05/22/23 PRINT NUMBER 4401A
Bill No. 
A6720Solages — Relates to guidelines for food and beverages purchased or sold by state agencies
Currently on Assembly Committee Agenda
Governmental Operations (MCDONALD) 
11:00 AM, Tuesday, May 23, 2023 
Room 623 LOB 
Same as S 4364 FERNANDEZ 
SUMM : Add Art 2 Title 4-A §§252 – 254, Pub Health L Directs the department of health to develop state food guidelines for foods purchased, served, and sold by state agencies, programs, and institutions and on state property.
05/05/23 referred to governmental operations
A7244Simone — Requires medical assistance coverage for medically tailored meals
Currently on Assembly Committee Agenda
Health (PAULIN) 
12:30 PM, Tuesday, May 23, 2023 
Room 823 LOB 
Same as S 4790 RIVERA 
SUMM : Amd §365-a, Soc Serv L Requires medical assistance coverage for medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy for the purpose of disease management.
05/15/23 referred to health
Same-As S 4790 Last Act: 03/31/23 referred to health 

If you have questions pertaining to any of the legislative items listed above, please contact