Federal Public Policy 

Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy Summit

The 2023 Nutrition and Advocacy Summit was held in March. A group of NYSAND members participated in the workshops and held meetings with Senate offices virtually. This year, the focus of our meetings was discussing the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act as well as the Farm Bill.

Senator Gillibrand’s office was especially welcoming to our suggestions, and is looking forward to ongoing collaboration with NYSAND. They plan on co-sponsoring the MNT Act when it is reintroduced. NYSAND plans to follow up on this.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Act

The Medical Nutrition Therapy Act is an amendment to the social security act. It proposes to:

  • Provide Medicare Part B coverage of outpatient MNT for prediabetes, obesity, high blood pressure,high cholesterol, malnutrition, eating disorders, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases including celiac disease, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease and any other disease or condition causing unintentional weight loss;
  • Authorize the Secretary of Health to include other diseases based on medical necessity;
  • Allow nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, clinical nurse specialists and psychologists to refer their patients for MNT.

You can view the details of the bill from last congress here:

Federal Action Alerts

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