Student Center

Why Should I Join NYSAND and My Regional Dietetic Association?

  • Networking
  • Learn about job openings
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities
  • Hear about local events related to nutrition and health care
  • Advocate for your future profession
  • Local District Mentorship Programs – Contact Your Local District to Find Out More – NYSAND Districts

Become an RDN or NDTR

AND Student Member Center
Student members are integral to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as they represent the future of the dietetics profession.  AND offers a number of unique benefits to over 20,000 student members, including opportunities to get involved. Student membership in the Academy means you have access to a network of benefits–exclusively available to Academy members–that you can begin using right now!

Student Benefits of Academy Membership

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Find scholarships and educational stipends for individuals pursuing undergraduate and advanced degrees in dietetics.
  • EatRight Careers: Accelerate your career search by posting your resume, viewing openings and receiving job alerts.
  • Career Toolbox: Get access to the resources, tips, and information to make your job or internship easier.
  • Mentoring Opportunities: Academy student members are supported by a wide range of mentoring or career guidance programs.
  • Student Community: The Student Community is a networking resource that connects student members nationwide. Exchange ideas and learn more about the profession.
  • Student Scoop: An e-newsletter exclusively for you. It’s published five times a year and includes articles on relevant topics such as preparing for internships and ways to volunteer. 
  • Student Liaison: As a liaison, participate in the recruitment and retention of student members and communicate with the Academy on important topics.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Opportunities are available to get involved at all levels of the organization — leadership positions, advocating for the profession or getting involved with your affiliate.