NYSAND PAC Builds Significant Partnership for NYSAND and all RDNs in NYS


NYSAND PAC is the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee. Within NYS, we are the only political action committee broadly focused on food, nutrition, and health. Our goal is to support pro-nutrition candidates for state office.

Why is it important for every member to participate?

It is important for NYSAND members to be involved in the PAC to support candidates who best support NYSAND’s priorities: food, nutrition, and health and our goal of obtaining licensure and therapeutic diet order for the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. These initiatives are not all inclusive and as our issues change over time, so will the issues promoted by NYSANDPAC. Having a PAC is essential to having the voices of our members heard and keeping our issues in front of our policy makers. NYSAND PAC is non partisan; we support candidates regardless of political party, who are committed to the health and nutrition of New York’s citizens.

Contributing to the NYSAND PAC is a simple way for every member to support candidates who have demonstrated an understanding and interest in the views and goals of our Association. The goals of NYSAND and the PAC are the same.

How is NYSANDPAC Funded?

Making a contribution of any amount is the easiest way to become involved. NYSAND PAC is authorized to solicit contributions from the members of NYSAND & any U.S. citizen. You do not have to be a NYSAND member to make a contribution. All contributions are voluntary and all monies raised are maintained as a separate fund from the NYSAND treasury.

Where do PAC Funds Go?

The PAC Committee works hand and hand with NYSAND leaders to:

  • Achieve the goals of the strategic plan
  • Create & build initiatives
  • Support candidates who share our priorities, such as licensure and the therapeutic diet order

Our PAC is nonpartisan and only contributes to candidates who:

  • Are committed to New Yorker’s health and nutrition
  • Demonstrate an understanding and interest in NYSAND
  • Understand the importance of quality food, nutrition, and healthcare policies

NYSAND PAC and Recent Successes

  • Successful member participation in fundraisers of the licensure and therapeutic diet order bill sponsors
  • Helped our bill pass through the Senate
  • Funded and supported key members of the Assembly that have demonstrated support of nutrition and health initiatives
  • Train and support NYSAND members in contacting and visiting legislators to educate them on important NYSAND initiatives

The NYSANDPAC committee will establish yearly goals, one being increased contributions to help increase the amount of time working with the public policy strategies. We ask for your support to help us reach our goals. If every member of NYSAND contributed $1 to our fund, we would raise over $5,000. Many of the districts around the State will be educating their members on the importance of NYSANDPAC and have included a line on the annual membership form to donate. If you would like to help this cause, please click the link to donate below. Below are the names of the committee members that help PAC on a volunteer basis. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to donate please contact treasurer, Kathy McArdle.

Click here to donate to NYSAND PAC Today!

Contact Information and Questions can be directed to the NYSANDPAC Committee

NYSAND PAC Committee
Chair: Erika Hval, MS, RD, CDN – erika.hval@gmail.com
Treasurer: Kathleen McArdle, RD, CDN – kjmcardle@optonline.net
Public Policy Members: Ann Darcy, MS, RD, CDN – adarcy87@gmail.com and 
Carole DeBonte, MBA, RD, CDN – caroledebonte@iammorrison.com 
NYSAND Representative: Mary Beth O’Meara, RDN, CDN – marybeth.o’meara@dclinc.org