NYSAND District Grant Application

NYSAND is proud to present to its Districts opportunities for grants to further the mission of the District and NYSAND.

This grant is available to all NYSAND Districts. There is no cap on how many grant submissions can be sent in from a district or a NYSAND member, but only one grant will be given to a District. Funds are available up to $500.00. Not each District will be awarded a grant. These grants should show use of the funds towards larger and more sustainable projects related to the current NYSAND Strategic Plan. The winners will be awarded to the corresponding District at the Fall Leadership Meeting.

The grants must be used as described in the application. If the district cannot use the funds in the manner proposed, the funds must be returned to NYSAND.

Once the project is complete, the district will be responsible for writing a report on the use of the funds and the success of the project, and submit the report to NYSAND@caphill.com.

The project must be completed by June 1, 2023 unless it is an ongoing project. Otherwise the funds will be returned to NYSAND.

NYSAND District Grant Proposal Guidelines

  1. Introduction: a general narrative description including target audience
  2. Strategic plan linkage
  3. Objectives of program or project
  4. Description of activities proposed to fulfill objectives
  5. Strategies and anticipated outcomes
  6. Funding required and proposed sources
  7. Timeline

Grant Submission Details